Is Diamond Painting Worth An Investment? Top Problems Faced By Customers

Diamond art painting is relatively new to the craft world but people are quickly developing an interest to buy diamond painting (diamond painting kaufen). Diamond painting kits are now actively available in the market, making them an easy buy for the customers. It isn’t only about choosing a kit, diamond painting is something that painters spend weeks or possibly months creating. Users also spend a lot of time creating the final piece by arranging the diamonds in places.



After so much time and money spent, the end result should be worth all this. But is it worth all the time and money? Should you consider diamond painting as a creative hobby? In this blog, we take it from the customers who spend their valuable time pursuing this hobby and provide meaningful reviews on products. Here are some top problems faced by customers:

Partial Drill Problems

Customers should always pay attention to the drill method used. Sometimes they end up purchasing partial drill systems. This is much cheaper compared to original diamond art. Therefore, customers should always try to purchase original diamond art that comes with a complete kit.

 Poor Quality of the Diamonds

Diamond quality depends upon the type of gemstone used. Poor quality diamonds don’t match the picture and are dull in color. Many times, the kit is missing diamonds from some parts of the painting. The diamonds used can also be defective.

Low-Quality Canvas

This is a tactic used by a lot of suppliers these days to save money. In this kind of painting, the diamond won’t stay put and over time you might notice the picture breaking out. Another dropping point is that the canvas can look wrinkled on the wall. Customers should always look for high-quality diamond painting canvas (diamond painting Leinwand).

Glue Quality Problems

A diamond supplier should always consider the details of the kit. Malfunctioning glue can ruin the activity for a user. Most of the time customers describe this faulty glue as oil in the product reviews. This kind of clue can also ruin the canvas.

Instructions Provided for Painting

Sometimes diamond kits aren’t available with accurate instructions. At this time, customers have to find out their own methods to complete their painting. This can be very frustrating.

Experts always advise customers to go through critical reviews and then buy diamond painting in store (diamond painting kaufen im geschäft)

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